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Our kits are now available in Staff Engagement and Community Event versions!

The game that brings people together

Hello Kits make it easy to bring the award-winning conversation game Hello to any large group: community members, staff teams, employees, or anyone you want to engage in a meaningful conversation about living and dying and what matters most. Whether you're playing with people you know well or just met, Hello is designed to help everyone feel safe and comfortable talking about what's most important to them.

The research-proven tool for conversations about living and dying

Hello Kits are based on the home version of Hello, which has been shown in multiple published studies to be a positive, enjoyable way to talk about living and dying.

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What comes in my Hello kit?

Hello kits come with everything that the home version of Hello has:

  • A questions booklet for each player
  • Thank-you Chips that help players express empathy
  • Simple instructions so you can start playing in just a few minutes

Hello Kits come with two additional components you won't find in the home version:

  • A comprehensive guide to planning and leading gameplay, including scripts and tips for first-time hosts
  • A bonus activity called "Question 33" that encourages players to take action based on their experience with the game

What's the difference between a Staff Kit and an Event Kit?

The only difference between Staff Kits and Event Kits is the comprehensive guide for hosting gameplay. Staff Kits have a guide that is customized for healthcare staff while Event Kits are geared toward community events. Other than that, all materials in our kits are the same.

How do I learn how to host a Hello event?

Hello kits come with everything you need to host an event – just open the box and the comprehensive guide will lead you through each step. If you'd like additional guidance, we offer monthly online trainings. As a bonus, each time you order kits you'll get a discount code for $50 off an online training, and each time you purchase trainings you'll get $50 off a future kit order!
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Can I customize my kits?

We offer custom co-branding of our kits for organizations ordering supplies for 2,000 participants or more.
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I recently used a Hello Event Kit with a group of 50 seniors at a senior center. There was a great deal of laughter and joy and a lot of participants left with a greater understanding of and interest in advance care planning and having conversations about challenging topics. I would recommend the Event Kits to anyone that works with seniors and other community members and wants to engage them in new, exciting and meaningful ways.
Our event was so dynamic! Some people were nervous when they arrived, but everyone left energized and excited to continue the conversation.
Thank you so much for this excellent event! One of the other players, a woman named Maria, talked about having lupus SLE, which I also have. After the event, I introduced myself to her and we shared many tales about living with lupus. We felt as though we were instant friends. We traded phone numbers and have been in touch. It is wonderful to find someone to provide support.

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