You can deliver person-centered care
to the patients who need it most

Person-centered care begins in a moment

It can be the moment when a doctor delivering a cancer diagnosis and a single mother on her one day off from work become two people finding a way to deal with uncertainty together. It can be the moment when a father with COPD reveals to his doctor that what matters most to him is his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Whether they’re big or small, these moments are when patients become people rather than a collection of symptoms and behaviors to be controlled. Great person-centered care begins in those moments. It’s time to make these moments common practice for every patient.

“Sometimes we forget the non-medical stuff that is important to a patient. Sometimes it’s big stuff, like spirituality. Sometimes it’s a smaller detail - like their love of chocolate ice cream. Whatever that detail is, it matters to them. Using the Common Practice Conversation System helps me and my staff get a better understanding of our patients, and getting to know them better helps us provide better care.”

How the Conversation System works

Using the Conversation System, your staff will build connections quickly with the patients who need it most, improving decision-making and aligning care with your patient’s values, preferences, and priorities.

Three steps in 90 days to put people at the heart of healthcare, every time.


Firsthand Experience

Your staff learns the Conversation System by using it and applying it to their own lives.


Custom Integration

The Conversation System is tailored to your patients and your context.


Consistent Delivery

The Conversation System drives better care coordination and increased patient satisfaction.

Harnessing the elephants in the room

How does the Conversation System drive meaningful conversations in healthcare? In this video, from the Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2015 conference, Common Practice founder Nick Jehlen explores the key insights gained from harnessing the power of conversations.

The Common Practice difference

The Conversation System replaces lengthy trainings with simple behavior change tools that anyone can use.

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The research behind the system

Research shows that Common Practice tools are enjoyable to use and lead to behavior change.

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Conversation Event Kits

Looking for a better way to hold events about end of life issues? Our Conversation Event Kits include everything you need to host your own engaging, enlightening and fun (yes, fun) event.

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